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Why Buy Rocks To Paint

When we first started painting rocks in 2015, we were buying HomeDepot rocks and searching the ground daily for rocks. While some areas have tons of rocks laying around to grab and paint, we did not have a wide variety of nice rocks to choose from. We decided it was time to bring these amazing rocks we have found to your door.

Our number one seller is our Santorini Rocks. These white, sparkle, and smooth rocks absolutely love the paints. They make the perfect canvas with a rockin natural look. But, maybe you are looking for a more natural rock. The natural look of the original kindness rock movement type of rocks. Well, we have the PERFECT rock. You must check out the Alaskan Smooth rocks. They are amazing, need no primer and perfect for the kindness rocks. These amazing beauties come in artist picks or blems. Making the perfect rock to paint with kids, events, schools, commission and more.

Lets Paint! Spreading Smiles One Rock At A Time

” Just received my box of beautiful white Santorini rocks, all the way from Florida! They were very well packaged for their long trip to Canada. Customer service was top notch. I cannot wait to paint on them”. -Cynthia

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