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Why Buy Rocks To Paint

When we first started painting rocks in 2015, we were buying HomeDepot rocks and searching the ground daily for rocks. While some areas have tons of rocks laying around to grab and paint, we did not have a wide variety of nice rocks to choose from. We decided it was time to bring these amazing rocks we have found to your door.

Our number one seller is our Santorini Rocks. These white, sparkle, and smooth rocks absolutely love the paints. They make the perfect canvas with a rockin natural look. But, maybe you are looking for a more natural rock. The natural look of the original kindness rock movement type of rocks. Well, we have the PERFECT rock. You must check out the Alaskan Smooth rocks. They are amazing, need no primer and perfect for the kindness rocks. These amazing beauties come in artist picks or blems. Making the perfect rock to paint with kids, events, schools, commission and more.

Lets Paint! Spreading Smiles One Rock At A Time

” Just received my box of beautiful white Santorini rocks, all the way from Florida! They were very well packaged for their long trip to Canada. Customer service was top notch. I cannot wait to paint on them”. -Cynthia

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About Us

We are dedicated to bringing you only the highest quality and artist picked rock canvases to you! Our products are shipped by size, color, count and options of your choice”.

Hi and welcome to Santorini Rock Sales. Not only are we your one stop rock shop, we are also rock painters just like you. Celebrating our SIXTH YEAR ANNIVERSARY in September 2021, we are excited to continue to bring you our Prime, High Quality Rocks and some of our artist favorite packages right to your door.

We have been shipping rocks for over 5 years. We play a large role in our local community and have grown by providing amazing rock canvases to our rock painters around the world. While Spreading Kindness One Rock At A Time, we have also increased our inventory to over 60,000 pounds and carry the largest assortment available to the Kindness Rock Movement in the USA and International since 2015. Santorini Rock Sales is family ran and owned with an amazing team of artist packaging and shipping your orders with love.

When we started shipping rocks, it was by accident. It was a cold winter and several people were stuck in their houses. As a group admin, our family offered to ship rocks to anyone who was unable to get rocks due to the weather. That night we had over 100 orders and at that point, we recognized a problem and became dedicated to fixing the problem and making sure that anyone in the world was able to receive rocks that were artist pick quality and ready to paint. From 2015 to 2018, we host several how to paint rock classes and sponsored several needy kids and families with rocks and paints. While loving our job, our sales began to grow and so did our Santorini Rock Sales team. In 2018 our rock painters discovered that this new rock called Santorini Rock was not only beautiful, but the texture and sparkles loved the acrylic paint and acrylic paint pens. When this amazing stone from Greece was discovered by the Kindness Rock Movement, we decided it was time to bring them to our rock painters. Although Florida is known for having the Santorini, in 2018 it was not a easy task to get these amazing stones in bulk. Soon we were fully stocked and once again ready to rock-n-roll with a new rock canvas. The Santorini Rock has now became a favorite amongst our shoppers along with our honeycomb and white Alaskan Rocks.

We are most proud of our extremely large inventory and unlimited packages available to you. While many others attempt to sell rocks and Santorini, our company will always stand out and top our competitors due to our large inventory, prime quality, amazing customer service, and our satisfaction guarantee . We take the quality of our rock canvases seriously. While looking through our large assortment of rock options, you will notice we sell by rock size and not by pound. We take pride in our packages. They arrive the same quality every time with the size you love to paint on! This is very important since odd shapes are not always easy to paint. We strive for sustainability in our rock query locations and always make sure our products are NOT removed from any natural resources and are sure to maintain an ecological balance. Our team takes pride 365 days a year!

  Our team is dedicate to packaging with care, picking you out only the best and delivering your rock canvases in a timely manor. We are always here for you!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Fast and Great Product!!! They have the best quality of rocks anywhere. Packaging is amazing!! Great fast communication. – Tammy S

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This was a fantastic experience for me! Products are totally amazing and customer service was excellent. Highly recommend buying from this seller. Quality is much better than the rock yards too! Thank you so very much again! You definitely “rock!” – Jennifer R

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This women run business does big business prices for us, regular people. They are friendly, attentive, & provide top notch Santorini & Rocks. I have found rocks here that I have never seen elsewhere, & I am a rockhound! White Alaskan flats are my favorites! I love these ladies & love doing business with them! – Tara M

Rating: 5 out of 5.

First time buyer, but you come highly recommended by members of my kindness rock group on Facebook. – Delana C

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I have received my first shipment of Santorini stones yesterday & was delighted. The stones were packaged extremely carefully with each side being individually wrapped & they are beautiful! I would definitely recommend this company. – Kelli C