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Honeycomb Calcite ONYX

 8 Honeycomb slices from Utah. H Natural translucent rocks with colors of white, yellow and amber; making the perfect rock to paint of gift.

Honeycomb Onyx

Natural (not manufactured)

08 count package

3 to 6 inch average length

2 to 4 inch average height

Yellow/white with other natural colors

You will enjoy painting on our Honeycomb Kindness rocks. These Honeycomb are natural and from the mines of Utah. The Honeycomb will always arrive with natural patterns and shapes. Some may be flat on the bottom and others a full natural shape. These are all hand sliced by our amazing group of rock ladies. These are not manufactured nor professional cut to specifics. Thicknesses will vary depending on the shape of the Honeycomb. Please note these are Amazing, beautiful, natural and all come with their own designs. Feel free to message and ask any questions you may have. These Honeycomb have Calcite running through them. If a rock breaks off a piece due to the Calcite,  Amazon sells a glue xalled “sand glue”. This will fix the Calcite separation and always nice to have around.

*thickness will change depending on the boulder itself. This just means the piece can be thicker on one end then the other my millimeters. If you are needing commission pieces, message one of our sales representatives here and we can get you a link for special cut commission package.

Happy Rockin! Thank you for spreading kindness one rock at a time!


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