Size: 2-5″ mix
Great Assortment

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Honeycomb Onyx

Ready to paint

This package arrives with a 6 count with a width size range of 2 to 5 inches. (Please grab a ruler if you need a size idea of these).

Pictures shown are examples and not the actual piece. All Honeycomb are unique in their patterns, size, shapes and color.



Honeycomb Onyx to paint on also known as Honeycomb Calcite and Honey Onyx.

These are the new Honeycomb Onyx Rocks craze in the rock painting world. Artist are in love with the smoothness and endless options of this amazing “rock”. These are amazing in the light or in the dark with a light behind them!*

These Honey Onyx will arrive in a rage of size between 2 to 5 inch in length with the width in a variety of size. Due to these amazing and unique shapes of these Honeycomb Onyx rocks, the length is provided and the height will depend on the shape.

SMOOTH: Great with paint pens and acrylics.

Note: If you prefer to trace or sketch with your pencil before painting, you can sand the surface to lessen the smoothness.

These are AMAZING pieces of earth!!

All of the Honeycomb Onyx stones are partially transparent and translucent offering a beautiful luminous glow.

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Honeycomb Miele is a beautiful onyx with variable shades and veining. Portions of this stone are semi-translucent and is ideal to be a backlit with sun, lights, candles or anything you desire.
Onyx Miele onyx slabs are rich with colors of honey with darker brown veins. The pieces are amazing with light behind them and amazing just the way they are.
Primary Color(s): Beige/Amber/White
Other Industry Names(AKA): Honeycomb Calcite, Honey Onyx, Honey Miele
Stone Type: Calcite
Country: USA / Indonesia
Available Finishes: Natural shine and smooth surface
Variations: High
The name Miele or Honeycomb Calcite comes from the fact that the stone has a honeycomb appearance.
This canvas we are offering you is an unusual form of Calcite that ranges from a creamy pale yellow to a deep golden honey amber color. Its coloring is caused by Sulphur inclusions.
It is a beautiful and impressive form of calcite
mined exclusively in the United States of America and provides a colorful dramatic accent stone. The growth of long fibrous or tubular cells and crystals of honey-yellow calcite outlined by white membranes surrounding each cell to form the “honeycomb look” we are all falling in love with.
The awesomeness that sets this stone apart form other forms of calcite are its colors, patterns, translucency, transparency, and it does not fade as readily in sunlight as other forms of calcite. The color ranges from a soft, pale sunshine lemon yellow to a deep rich honey golden amber depending upon the thickness of the stone. The coloring of the stone is attributed to Sulphur deposits at the time of formation. The patterns change depending upon the point of origin of the cell growth-ranging from a tight “honey sugar” look of small hexagonal cells grouped close together to large cell areas that give the appearance of “petrified honey” where cells are at their maximum growth and minimum cell walls appear. In short, these are the most amazing canvases for our paint and art!!
Most suggest starting with your first one with acrylic paint.
You can always wash them if you wish. Dawn will remove any oils that may reject paint.
If you have the smooth Honeycomb and are wishing you could use pencil, you can sketch it with a nail file or sandpaper. ❤
With the Honeycomb we like to say “less water is more”. If you find you are having a hard time getting the paint to either stick or show up dark enough on the Honeycomb, it is because you are using to much water. These are dense where other rocks are pours.
You can also put a clear coat on before you paint them. Then the paint sticks better. You should use a mat finish, then after all is painted, use a gloss finish clear.
One of our artist Lynn suggest:
Use a wetted Q-tip or toothpick and some water to touch up paint.
” I use Liquitex High Gloss Varnish for the base coats and then finish the coat for sealing with the same.
 “I do use two thin layers of Liquitex High Gloss Varnish as a base coat on the bare stone and also as a sealer after painting. The clear coat allows better adhesion of the acrylic to the surface when starting the painting and allows for quick cleanup if you need to change something”.
The clear coat over the work prevents it from scratches or abrasion, just like in the regular rock paintings.
Resin, as a finished coat, would be awesome on this stone as well. I hope that helps!
Option 2:
If you are a beginner, feel free to try a very thin layer of mod podge. This will give you a better feel for the texture of the Honeycomb and start you out at ease. (Please note that mod podge is a glue. Depending on the weather it may not be recommended within your local group. Please use wisely. The mod podge needs to be applied with your finger and very thin. Follow the ending clear coat suggests above after painting.

3 reviews for HONEYCOMB ONYX
Size: 2-5″ mix
Great Assortment

  1. Gina

    Beautiful with and without paint. So translucent!!!

  2. Marie

    These were absolutely amazing! I love them. Definitely ordering more!

  3. Melba

    Just received my first shipment of Honeycomb Calcite stone. It’s absolutely beautiful and I look forward to painting on it. This is a wonderful shop to buy from.

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