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Rock Painting Blog

Who we are

We are a family of rockers supplying the world with amazing rocks for art and spreading kindness. We guarantee to have the best quality and largest assortment to fit your art and painting needs. We love this movement because it allows us to spread kindness and encouragement to others. We LOVE to paint rocks! Not only LOVE to paint rocks, but love to supply you with the perfect rock canvases.

Where to buy smooth and flat rocks for crafts? “Of Course”.

We strive to offer not only the best, but the largest assortment of Rocks, Santorini, Honeycomb Calcite, Color Onyx, Special order stones, Santorini This, Santorini Cutie Pies and more! We have some of the smoothest rocks available.

Rocks For Crafts

Rock painting and crafts go hand in hand together. Rock painting has been around for decades. We have seen our rocks painted and located in museums, magnets, school learning tools for kids, family fun, painting to fight anxiety/depression, share encouraging words, commission pieces, charities and more.

Why Buy Rocks For Painting

Not everyone can go searching for rocks. Some areas the rocks are sparse and in some areas it is just to hot or cold! Rocks can be fun to search for.. even before they are painted.

Our team has over 5 years of rock sales experience and love picking through our 60,000 pound of inventory to make sure you get not only the perfect rock canvas but the perfect size too.

At Santorini Rock Sales. we make sure all our rocks come from approved rock digging areas and will not harm the environment by rock removal.

Different Kinds Of Rocks We Provide To Paint On

The first rock we started with in 2015 was our still famous Alaskan White. These rocks are white/tan in color, smooth, amazing to paint on, need no primer and has a great size range of 1.5 to 3 inch in size during the Summer and 2 to 4 inch in size during the Winter.

In 2018 we added the highly sought after Santorini Rocks. These are white, smooth, natural sparkles and love the acrylic paints. These are an amazing rock from the Santorini Islands in Greece. They arrive in sizes 0.5 to 12 inches in mixed sizes. All our packages arrive in size varieties. So you can pick the size!

In 2019 we released our Santorini Cutie Pies. These amazing cutie rocks make the perfect pocket rock, gifting stone, kids craft, magnets and more. These are white with crystal sparkles and grey minerals. these come in size 0.5 to 1.5 inch in size and have been a top seller on Ebay, Etsy, Facebook and more.

In 2020 our company released our one and only Colors of Santorini. Our santorini are professionally prepared at the rock query are available in the Santorini Island colors of Cherry Red, Ocean Blue, Black, Mermaid Purple, Grass Green, Earth Brown and Sunshine Yellow. In 2020 we also released our Santorini Thins, Santorini Cubes, 4 inch Peru rocks and Alaskan White budget blem bags.

Although the pandemic hit us hard, we all needed a moment to paint and relax our minds. We decided we all needed some extra color in our lives and released our new Translucent Honeycomb Calcite. Although these rocks arrive with small painting challenges… these are amazing to paint on! Our Honeycomb packages all arrive in the size you pick. Packages are available ranging in sizes 1 to 6 inch in size with special orders available.

In 2021 we decided to expand our inventory and added our new Santorini Baby Flats. These come in sizes 2 to 3 inch and 3 to 5 inch mixes. A NEW FAVORITE. We also released more Thins in a large assortment of sizes from 1×1 up to 4×4. We sparked our artist eyes with our new Translucent Blue Onyx, Volcano Red Onyx, Santorini Hearts, Hexagons and more!

  • Santorini Thins size 3x3
  • Santorini Thins size 1x1
  • santorini Baby Flats 3 to 4 inch mix
  • santorini Baby Flats 2 to 4 inch mix

Santorini Rocks




Sizes available range 1 to 12 inch

Natural Alaskan Smooth Rocks



No Primer Needed

Summer Size 1.5 to 2.5/3 inch

Winter Size 1.5 to 4 inch

Honeycomb Calcite

Yellow, Ambers and white

Smooth like glass


Sizes 1 to 6 inches (Larger available on special request)

Translucent Blue and Volcano Onyx

Ambers, Blue and Blue veins

Smooth like glass


Sizes 2 to 6 inch (Larger available on special request)

Where to buy high quality rocks to paint on Your One Stop Rock Shop

Bringing rocks to our local community and shipping to all rock artist around the world.

Voted #1 fiver years in a row

Rock Kindness Rock, Stone and Santorini Paint Class

Painting supplies you will need to get started

If you are a beginner, we suggest any acrylic paint. Walmart to craft store quality is perfect. No need to start out with expensive paints. Start with any paint brush assortment that matches your needs. If you like to paint smaller rocks or rocks with detail, we suggest search for nail brushes on Amazon or Ebay.

We really enjoy POSCA pens if you like to try paint pens. The paint pens can be used for your entire painted rock or for outlining. The best average size is 0.7mm

Head to Facebook and look for your local Rock Painting Group.

Click Shop and see why we are your one stop rock shop! Message us live! Our one of our amazing ladies would love to help you make any decision or answer any question you may have! Live chat option located in the SHOP section, bottom right.

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